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Please note that nothing on this page is intended as a substitution for needed medical care. You should see your doctor to make sure that you have herpes and to learn more about managing herpes in addition to researching on the internet. What is provided here is helpful suggestions that may lessen the pain of a herpes outbreak, lessen the severity or fortify your body against future outbreaks.

Chill out vs. Freak Out

Stress Reduction - A Potent Antiherpetic - Given the nature of a herpes infection, it's hard to stay out of stress response when you feel an outbreak coming on but it's vital because of the impact stress has on your immune system response.

Worrying about an outbreak can actually help to bring one on. Keeping stress under control on a daily basis is one of the best things you can do to reduce outbreak recurrence.

Find effective stress reduction therapies that work for you and stick to using them on a regular basis. Stress reduction therapies include meditation, yoga, biofeedback, and counseling. Stress-reducing activities include watching a good comedy, reading a good book, being in natural environments like the mountains, beach or creekside and listening to restful music.

Drink Kombucha

Organic, raw kombucha is one of the best immune system builders in the world and can help, with regular use, to protect your system from herpes outbreaks and the suffering they cause. Definitely look for organic, raw kombucha. If it's not organic and raw, it is not going to do the job. There is a company called gtskombucha that makes it. Try their website for stores near you: www.gtskombucha.com

Ice to Slow Down Virus Replication
Relieves Herpes Outbreak Pain

The severity of a herpes outbreak may be minimized if the area is iced for a time, as soon as possible. If you can catch it at the predome level, you may even be able to head off a herpes outbreak using ice.

The predome is that period just before the actual outbreak where a lot of people feel tingling or pain at the outbreak site, a feeling of soreness in that area, or fatique such as the coming on of the flu. There may also be heat in the outbreak area during the predomal period even days in advance of actual herpes lesions appearing. Using ice can help with the pain of a herpes infection too, in addition to reducing occurrence of outbreak but don't leave ice directly on the skin for long periods of time.

Anti-Viral Essential Oils to fight herpes virus

Many essential oils, if pure and potent rather than poorly processed aromatherapy blends, can provide your immune system with the equivalent of a swat team against herpes. They are extremely potent.

Quality Counts with Essential Oils
Don't Worsen Your Outbreak!

Some pure essential oils (it is important that they be 100 percent pure because additives can actually irritate the area of a herpes outbreak) known to be anti-viral include tea tree oil and peppermint oil. Tea tree oil, applied during predome, is like putting a guard at the door. Peppermint oil can provide wonderful pain relief, especially if mixed with lavender. If tea tree oil or peppermint are too strong to apply neat (if they cause burning or discomfort), dilute them with a bit of oil.

Please note: Oils should not be used if there is fever at the site. In those cases, either ice down the sites and take aspirin for fever, until the site is fever-free or you can use aloe vera juice or vitamin e gel.

You may either buy your own oils and dilute with some carrier oil, such as olive oil, or you may avail yourself of premixed essential oil blends. The most popular is Heal Herpes, a two-part topical attack system and the most popular natural herpes remedy on this site.

If you choose to buy your own essential oils and make your own anti-herpetic blend, one of the best online sources I've found for organic, properly tested essential oils (this is important because using adulterated oils may actually cause further irritation and we sure don't want that, do we?) is here

Most Popular Natural Herpes Remedies:

Our most popular natural herpes remedies are listed below. These feature ingredients proven to attack the virus as it emerges, and works on the principle of allowing less and less virus to retreat into the system. Over time, customers report less frequent herpes outbreaks and less painful outbreaks as well. Because the ingredients are natural and very highly anti-herpetic, it is believe that their topical application to outbreak sites helps inhibit the ability of the herpes virus to replicate and emerge, over time.

Top Recommended natural herpes remedies

Heal Herpes. Made from potent, antiviral essential oils, this formula is specifically designed to fight an active herpes outbreak and the second is to help prevent outbreak recurrences.

Coming up in a close second for herpes relief is the Herpes Combat Kit. Get the herpes combat kit here

These are just a few health tips for better handling a herpes outbreak. Please explore the entire site for much more information on herpes simplex, cold sores, and other related health challenges.

If you've been infected with herpes for a while and you are still only aware of what was available a few years ago to reduce herpes outbreaks and relieve herpes pain, then educate yourself!

If you have just recently contracted herpes, know that you have a great deal of help available now that you would not have had years ago so take hope in that truth! This website is a great place to educate yourself.

Be sure you check each page and discern which treatment is right for you because not every treatment is right for every person. Your body knows what it needs. You'll find the right help here.

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