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If you struggle with herpes simplex virus, you are certainly not alone. Aside from the pain of herpes outbreaks and the social stigma that still exists about herpes, there is the issue of dating. Getting up the nerve to tell a potential love interest that you have herpes can stall the dating process in it's tracks. But there is an alternative. Date others who also have herpes. That way, you both know the struggles the other have faced and you can be completely honest with one another from the beginning, without fear of rejection.

On dating services in general: BE CAREFUL. Any type of service where you meet online is risky. Talk for a good long time. Get to know the person. If you choose to meet, pick a public location where there will be plenty of people. If you are a woman, don't have them pick you up at your home. Meet them there. Get a voicemail phone. Don't give out your home phone. Just practice common sense.

For many, an actual date may not even materialize. It will be enough to meet others with herpes and realize that you are not alone.

In any case, here is a free dating service for singles with herpes:

You are allowed to join free and annonymously check it out. It's called mpwh for Meet People with Herpes. You can access it free go to mpwh now to join

Why should you join a site like MPwH to meet other people who have herpes? Although many people have herpes, and people like to band together with others having similar interests and backgrounds, having herpes would not seem to be something that would bring two people together. However, MPwH has been phenomenally successful, for all the following reasons:

Many people living with herpes have been afraid to start dating again, for fear either of "rejection" when giving "the talk", or simply for fear of passing herpes along to their new partner.

Others have not told even their closest friends and family about having herpes, and just want people to talk to.

MPwH has an incredible cross-section of members of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. Herpes is one thing that does NOT discriminate!

Antopia's support websites, free to all the community, provide a substantial level of resources that have helped thousands of people.

We have a management and support team that provides the highest quality of service, ensuring you the best experience whatever you are looking for.

MPwH is just a fantastic place to visit and participate in.
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