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Herpes wreaks the havoc it does in genital herpes outbreaks, by infecting the nerve cells of the spinal cord. With oral herpes outreaks, the hsv1 strain infects the nerves at the base of the brain. However, it is also possible to have hsv2 outbreaks on the mouth or face if contact with the virus occurs during sex.

The herpes virus is always contagious to some degree but obviously less so when there are no visible symptoms of an outbreak on the skin. Just when the virus goes dormant, and thus reduces the risk of spreading herpes, is a question that has not been completely answered.

Since doctors agree that catching herpes is more likely during an outbreak, it becomes vital to communate with your partner if you know you have an outbreak.

Unfortunately, there is no completely safe time to have sex if you have herpes, according to the medical professionals and no doctor will say that herpes is not contagious when you don't have an outbreak.

On the other hand, there are people in committed relationships who have continued to be intimate, and careful, and the uninfected partner has remained uninfected.

It comes down to direct communication and a mutual decision, in those cases. Professionals vary in their opinions of just when the virus becomes dormant and less likely for transmission but it is generally accepted that the most vulnerable time is during an active outbreak. However, even as the outbreak is healing and when the blisters seem to have gone away, apparently the virus still sheds for some time after that and can transmit to others.

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Are there effective natural approaches to herpes management?
The answer is yes. This page details one such remedy that is proving effective for herpes sufferers.

Medical studies have proven that the powerful anti-viral ingredients in these natural herpes remedies are effective against the hsv1 and hsv2 strains of the herpes virus. The company that makes them is so confident that they will work for you that they offer a money-back guarantee. It is a testament to their effectiveness that there are very few returns.

The products for herpes infections are called H-Away and H-Prevention and they address not only the outbreak itself but boosting the immune system and preventing or reducing future outbreaks. H-Away and H-Prevention work together to help your body eliminate your cold sores (fever blisters) and genital herpes outbreaks effectively.

H-Away is 100% pure and natural essential oils, in a precious healing blend that is specifically formulated to eliminate herpes outbreaks. heal genital herpes naturally

H-Away Testimonials

Dear Brian. I've only used your products a short time, but I cannot believe already what a difference they have made. I had stomach surgery not knowing I had herpes and the virus went completely through my whole system affecting my joints and worked its way up my spine into my head and eyes. My feet were also crippled to the point I could hardly walk.

I started using the H-Prevention on the soles of my feet, and my spine. I also used the H-Away on the breakout. I was feeling some better, but could tell the virus was still in my joints. I then decided to use more of the H-Away on the soles of my feet and my joints and voila, would you believe I am already 90% better!

Brian, I wish you were here to see the results. I feel like I can start living again. I was in such bad shape before I started using your products that there were times when I thought I may die. You see, I am 58 years old and carried this herpes around over twenty years. It was just recently that I found out what was wrong as the doctors I went to never tested me for this virus.

Well I'm making a come back and that is not easy at my age. Thanks to you, your products and god, its happening. I prayed that somewhere I would come across a product that could possibly eliminate this awful disease, and god sent me to you.

Brian, I can't say thank you enough, but ill try -
Thanks again!  Best wishes.

Shirley - Cooperstown, NY

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I tried your product the next day it came. I took a shower as normal and applied a small amount of oil on a Q-tip as told. I applied the H-Away 3 times that day. The next day I done the same thing.

I started checking on the systems to see if they were still visible. I have to say after 2 days of using your oil the little marks that are sometimes left behind begin to vanish.

I am so happy! I am a very sexual active person, and due to these outbreaks I couldn't enjoy it as much as I like. I really didn't feel comfortable any more with my body. It's like this uncureable disease had taken over my body and planned to use it the way it wanted to use it.

But thanks to AMOILS I will be able to go back to normal. :) (smile) I came across this site through yahoo they should also be thanked. But for now I'm giving you all the recoginition.

Name and State withheld

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