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Introducing Positive Singles: A Safe Online STD Dating Forum.
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Positive Singles is the largest STD dating service online. They cater to those with std's who may find dating to be difficult with conditions such as herpes or AIDS. On the one hand, no one wants to put another at risk and on the other hand, the person with herpes or AIDS risks being rejected or treated with fear if they reveal their condition. It's a very real problem for anyone with a sexually transmitted disease that is considered uncurable, such as herpes and AIDS. Are people infected with the AIDS virus or the herpes virus supposed to be celibate the rest of their lives? Not realistic, especially in the very young.

One alternative is to date others who are also infected. This takes away any of the fear of telling your potential partner about your condition and risking rejection. It's on the table from the beginning, when you go thru a site like Positive Singles. Everyone there is in some version of your same boat. The fact that it's online means you can take your time getting to know someone, as long as you want, before you ever take the step to meet in person. People will say things in emails that they couldn't, or wouldn't, say in person. It cuts through the social awkwardness to begin online.

On dating services in general: BE CAREFUL. Any type of service where you meet online is risky. Talk for a good long time. Get to know the person. If you choose to meet, pick a public location where there will be plenty of people. If you are a woman, don't have them pick you up at your home. Meet them there. Get a voicemail phone. Don't give out your home phone. Just practice common sense.

For many, an actual date may not even materialize. It will be enough to meet others with herpes and realize that you are not alone.

In any case, here is a free dating service for singles with herpes:

About Positive Singles, in particular: This site is very cool. They have a blog, chat, success stories, an STD forum and more. They also have a very tough policy against spammers or advertisers. This is important on this type of site. Here's their policy:

Legal warning to spammers - we're aggressive about enforcing our policies: We protect our members against spam (unsolicited mail and advertisements). If you are not registering for the sole purpose of making contact with another person for social purposes, please leave our site. We take strict legal action against those who abuse our site's purpose, as stated in terms and usage agreement.

If you'd like to learn more about joining Positive Singles, which is free, please visit the website for more information.

PositiveSingles.com- the largest STD-single dating site!

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